2018 NEW SPACE!!!!!!!!!

Hey Friends:

Thanks for stopping by the new home of Cards By TLC!!!  I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to turn my dinning room into my new craft area!!!!  There are few things I would love to point out that made my space so much more functional for me.  For starters, the paper/ink center.  This is the Kallax Shelving unit from Ikea.   I chose the 4×4 unit, however, there are many choices to choose from depending on your vision and what works in your space. The paper units and ink units that go in the cubbies are from Stamp and Storage.  I wanted to treat myself and invest in my business by getting these amazing organizational units.  The unit in the 3rd picture in another unit I purchased from Ikea.  These Alex drawers are a great addition to my space.  The rest of the furniture is the original dinning room  furniture that has been in my family for 30-40 years.  I could not part from this as it was a piece of my childhood, so I wanted to incorporate that in my new area..  Remember, your craft space is your own no matter how big, small, organized, or not it is your space.  Happy Crafting.




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