About Me

Welcome to Cards By TLC.  My name is Tammy Civello. The TLC fromem this page, not only comes from what it is most commonly known as, Tender Loving Care, but it happens to be my initials as well.  Bonus points if you can guess my middle name, LOL..

I have been stamping and cardmaking since 2010.  My love and passion from being creative, came from my beautiful  late mother Diane.  She had a way of just looking at something and be able to re-create it with no effort at all.  From quilting, sewing, crafting, anything she made, it looked so easy.  I unfortunately did not get the sewing gene, AT ALL!!!!  I wanted so bad to be able to fall in love with some sort of craft.  One day, a co-worker of mine was holding a card making club in her home and I thought to myself, I can do that!!!  From that point on, I knew I was hooked.

In the Fall of 2015, I decided what was once a hobby quickly became an amazing business opportunity for my family.

It brings me an indescribable amount of joy to create and send out handcrafted cards to family and friends by bringing the Tender Loving Care (TLC) into their lives. I can’t begin to tell you how many amazing people I’ve met through the stamping community. They’ve taught me, they’ve mentored me, and most of all, they’ve befriended me. Their passion and talent for this craft is evident with every card they make, every blog they post, every video they share, and every smile their cards give.